Through this devastating time we are going to love and help out our friends in Louisiana. How can you help? Pray, give, and go! Our first team has already headed out to serve in Louisiana. If you missed the chance to go-rally a team of friends and head out at anytime. We have provided a list below to get you started. Another thing you can do to help is give. Click on the 'Give Now' button and make sure to mark the option for 'Flood Relief'. 

When one of us hurt, we all hurt. You can make difference! Let's pray, give, and go!

Packing and Preperation:

Personal items: (minimal packing requested.)
  *   sleeping items
  *   personal hygiene items
  *   towels, washcloths
  *   soap, shampoo, toothpaste/brush
  *   needed medications
  *   ones you can get dirty, need a set or multiples for each day, you will get wet and dirty
  *   extra shoes
  *   weather is hot and humid and has been some rain each afternoon
Tools: (contact the leader of your group if you have any of the following.)

  *   gloves—the rubber with cloth back work well
  *   safety glasses
  *   particle masks
  *   large construction style garbage bags
  *   drag tarp is good (this is a good tarp around 8x10 you can drag out sheetrock on)
  *   wheel barrow (not a necessity only if you have room)
  *   large flat square shovel (coal shovel)
  *   crow bar, nail puller
  *   claw hammer
  *   utility knife
  *   push brooms
  *   At this time we do not need any debris hauled off site, all will be piled on street for later removal, priority is getting it out of the house.
  *   hot humid weather, stay hydrated—we will have water available for you, anything else you desire please bring.
  *   be cautious while moving items in houses for critters
  *   keep areas clear of nails and watch your step
  *   honor and be sensitive to the home owner, they have lost everything.